Using the campaign button


If you want to add one of UC Irvine's Shaping the Future graphics to your signature in Outlook use the following procedure. UC Irvine is shaping the future of the issues that matter to for details


  • First, right click one of our button images and select "copy."

  • In Outlook, choose Mail Message from the New button or press [Ctrl]+N to open a blank mail window.

  • Enter your signature’s text.

  • Position the cursor below your signature text (that should be your name, address, phone number, etc.).

  • Right click and select "Paste."  The button image should appear directly below your email signature text.

  • Press [Ctrl]+A to select the entire signature, and the graphic. UC Irvine is Shaping the Future -- Click here to learn more

  • Press [Ctrl]+C to copy the signature to the Clipboard.

  • Choose Options from the Tools menu on the main menu.

  • Click the Mail Format tab.

  • Click Signatures in the Signatures section. UC Irvine is Shaping the Future -- Click here to learn more

  • Click New.

  • Name the signature and click Next. (Outlook 2007 groups the options together, so there’s no need to click Next.)

  • Click inside the Edit Signature control and press [Ctrl]+V to paste the signature from the Clipboard. (If you’re using Outlook 2007, be sure to select the signature by name from the New Messages control.)

  • Click OK twice. On the Mail Format tab, choose the signature from the Signature For New Messages dropdown list in the Signatures section.

  • Click OK

  • Here's the code to embed our button on your Web page, Facebook or MySpace Page. Just copy and paste the HTML code below:
    <img alt="" height="154" src="" width="229" />.