Law Firms pledge 1.1 million

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Many local law firms, businesses and community organizations stepped forward with instrumental letters of support advocating the next University of California law school - the first new one in more than 40 years - to be established at the Irvine campus.

Among these enthusiastic friends and advocates were several lawyers, representing leading Orange County firms, who took their support a step further by making donations supporting the school of law, months ahead of its approval.

Law Firms pledge 1.1 million

These individuals and firms took a leap of faith by pledging resources to help establish a top-tier law school in Orange County when it was still just a dream. Their message was compelling, and their backing was central to gaining final approval. Orange County legal and business communities will soon have a high-profile law school from which to recruit top local talent to serve critical industries and enhance public interest law service. These firms championed the law school initiative both with their voices and the commitment of vital funding, and we thank them for their support.