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UC Irvine Fellowships - Giving Opportunities

As generous friends of the University of California, Irvine with a passion for helping our students through graduate fellowships you are directly shaping tomorrow’s future leaders in life changing ways.

Graduate Division Fellowship Support

  • Stanley Behrens Public Impact Fellowships - Fellowships | Give Now
  • Dissertation Quarter Fellowships   | Give Now
  • Diversity Fellowships   | Give Now
  • Graduate Dean’s Recruitment Incentive Fellowships | Give Now
  • Public Impact Fellowships   | Give Now

Donald Bren School of ICS

  • Donald Bren School of ICS Graduate Fellowships | Give Now
  • ICS Innovation Fellowship Endowed Fund | Give Now
  • Robert Kling Fellowship Endowment | Give Now
  • Robert L. Newcomb Graduate Fellowship Fund | Learn More | Give Now

School of Biological Sciences

  • Barbara K. Burgess Memorial Fellowship Fund | Give Now
  • Biological Sciences Endowed Fellowship | Give Now
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Fellowships | Give Now
  • Grover C. Stephens Memorial Fellowship | Give Now
  • Paul H. Silverman Memorial Fellowship | Give Now
  • School of Biological Sciences Fellowship | Give Now
  • Steinhaus Endowed Memorial Fellowship | Give Now

School of Medicine

  • Sue P. Duckles Fellowship Fund | Give Now

UCI Graduates

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