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Why Give?UC Irvine Is Shaping the Future
of the Things that Matter to You

We dream big at the University of California, Irvine.

Forty years ago, our founders dreamt of building a UC campus in the middle of open ranch land in the hills next to the Pacific Ocean - one of the most spectacular spots in the world.

Since then, we've helped Southern California become the world's pacesetter in high technology, medicine, energy technology, environmental science and entertainment, the arts and culture.

From the beginning, we've always chosen to direct the power of research, scholarship and teaching towards finding real answers to the world's toughest problems.

Today, we renew that vision with you.

Your Health

Imagine a world without Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, a world in which those paralyzed with major spinal cord injuries might walk again.  UC Irvine stem cell specialists envision such a place and work hard every day to move us closer to one day making it a reality.
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Smart Energy and a Sustainable Environment

We've seen mini-malls replace fields and forests. Smog sullies our cities and children no longer drink water from the tap. Economic uncertainty has plunged the passenger transportation industry into a state of flux, but amid upheaval lies opportunity. UC Irvine's priorities are crystal clear. We're helping California and the nation find more sustainable and efficient energy sources through hydrogen power, fuel cells and other rapidly evolving new technologies.
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Preparing Leaders for the New Global Community

There are moments in time when people can truly make a difference.  History is replete with stories of people who spotted change as it was happening and took advantage of new opportunities.  History also reveals the cost when major change is ignored. The university is committed to preparing a new generation of educators and leaders who will improve the state's performance in business, the arts, innovation and entrepreneurship.
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Frontiers of Learning and the Mind

UC Irvine is studying how people learn at all stages of life. That’s important in the classroom. It’s also important to our parents and grandparents as they struggle with memory problems.  We’re finding better ways to teach and better ways to help people remember life’s most precious memories.
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Education: Student's First

While UC Irvine is located in one of California's most affluent areas, many of our students come from desperate economic backgrounds. UC Irvine is joining with volunteers at our fellow campuses across the state to raise private funds to provide students with undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships.
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Interested in learning more about supporting this important work at UC Irvine?

Contact:  The Office of Development at 949-824-0142

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