Our Initiatives

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For California and the United States to succeed:

We must prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators, pioneer new technologies and understand and benefit from the global economy and culture.

That's why volunteers, community leaders, parents, friends and alumni have come together to organize UC Irvine's Shaping the Future campaign. This is the largest private fundraising effort in the university's history. Over the next several years, we will raise $1 billion to address these critical issues.


Our Initiatives
NASA rendering of the Blended-Wing-Body aircraft co-developed by UCI adjunct professor Robert Liebeck.

Art and Technology
Fundraising Goal: $20 million
Support the Arts at UC Irvine >
Studio Art
Beall Center
Creative Connections
UCI Drama
Alumna Teal Wicks costars in the Off-Broadway production of Fahrenheit 451

Sports Medicine
Fundraising Goal: $20 million
Give to Anteater Athletics >
Building Projects  
Programs and Equipment 
Athletic Scholarships
Anteater Athletics

Biological Sciences
Mind, Brain and Behavior
Fundraising Goal: $60 million
Give to the Biological Sciences >
Infectious Disease
Systems Biology
Stem Cell 
In the news:

Leadership and Team Development
Fundraising Goal: $75 million
Give to the Paul Merage School of Business
Center for Leadership & Team Development
Health Care Management
Information Technology
Investment Wealth Management
Real Estate
Business Building Project
Paul Merage School of Business
New living building at the Merage School reflects its emphasis on innovation and outreach to the business community.

P-20 Education
Fundraising Goal: $10 million
Give to the Department of Education >
Early Childhood Education
Educational Technology
Out-of-School Learning
Science & Math Initiative
UCI's Writing Project has worked with tens of thousands of teachers

Next Generation Health
Fundraising Goal: $75 million
Give to the Henry Samueli School of Engineering >
Science & Technology of Human Health
Science & Technology of Environment Health
Energy Systems
Communication, Information & Mobility systems
UC Irvine Engineering

Transforming Health Care
Fundraising Goal: $500 million
Give to UC Irvine Healthcare >
Eye Institute
University Hospital
Stem Cell
UC Irvine School of Medicine

UC Irvine Healthcare

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Well-educated Global Citizen
Fundraising Goal: $25 million
Giving to the School of Humanities >
Well-educated Global Citizen
Asian-American Studies
H.O.T. - Humanities Out There
Masters of Fine Arts
Persian Center
Jewish Studies
Global Citizen
Humanities Out There reaches hundreds of intermediate and high school students and their teachers each year through its workshops on humanities topics

Information and Computer Sciences 
Accelerate IT Collaborations
Fundraising Goal: $20 million
Giving to the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences >
Biomed Informatics
Global Software Development
Emergency Response Technology
Cyber Security & Privacy
See life changing research, cutting edge computer science education and the history of UC's first and only information and computer science school. Video View Video

21st Century Lawyers
Fundraising Goal: $75 million
Giving to the School of Law >
Public Service
Clinical Programs
Environmental law
Intellectual property

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Fundraising Goal: $10 million
Giving to the UC Irvine Libraries >
Libraries of Excellence
Collections of Excellence
Digital Research & Learning 
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Physical Sciences 
Fundraising Goal: $40 million
Give to the School of Physical Sciences >
Earth Systems Science
School Naming Gift
Physical Science
UC Irvine scientists find climate change caused widespread tree death in California.

Social Ecology 
Community Collaborations
Fundraising Goal: $20 million
Give to the School of Social Ecology >
Center for Unconventional Security Affairs (CUSA)
Newkirk Center for Science and Society
Center for Psychology and Law
Urban Water Resource Center
Community Outreach Partnership Center  

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Social Sciences
Fundraising Goal: $34 million
Giving to the School of Social Sciences >
Well-educated Global Citizen
About the School of Social Sciences
Social Sciences Strategic Plan
Mind, Brain & Behavior
Environment & Policy
Social Sciences
Social Sciences Ambassadors Council addresses university and local social needs. In one project they provided young children of Iraq with school supplies.

Student Support 
Fundraising Goal: $30 million

Fellowships - Graduate Division
Campus-wide Honors Program
Education Abroad Program (EAP)
Parents Association 
Senior Class Gift
Student Achievement Guided by Experience (SAGE)
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
Center for Awareness and Reflection 

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The UC Irvine Parent and Family Fund

Students and Peter T. Anteater