Our Environment

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The Zero Emission Vehicle Network Enabled Transport provides zero-emission vehicles to people commuting by train to UCI.


We have seen mini-malls replace fields and forests. Smog sullies our cities and children no longer drink water from the tap. Invasive species inhabit our waterways, and the world's food supply is at risk from deforestation and erosion.

But at UC Irvine, our scientists take on these challenges and find practical solutions.

From environmental law to water research, from earth system science to biology, our faculty and students are making a difference.

A clean, safe environment is our birthright. Being green isn't about red or blue states - it's about living in a healthy state. People may debate global climate changes, but our scientists are discovering ways to better understand the intricacies of the environment so we can protect and restore it.

All across the campus, UC Irvine's people are working together to make the world better. Our priorities are crystal clear.

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