Shaping The Future

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UC Irvine nursing students Manss and Thiers

We live in challenging times. Many problems seem too complex to resolve. Sometimes issues are so big we simply give up.

But challenges must not overwhelm hope. Solutions can be found. That's what great universities do.

The faculty, students and alumni of the University of California, Irvine, in partnership with our supporters, are shaping the future of the things that matter to you.

UCI is leveraging its world class strengths to shape the future in areas of national and global importance to make a positive impact on humanity We are raising $1 billion to advance our campus in four major initiatives that promise to change the world 

  • Smart Energy & a Sustainable Environment
  • Your Health
  • Training Leaders for the Global Community
  • Frontiers in Learning & the Mind

HIPerWall Expands 3D Research Capabilities at UC IrvineThese issues matter to all of us. UC Irvine has both the people and expertise to find solutions in all of these areas. For California and the United States to succeed, we must prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators, pioneer new technologies and understand and benefit from the global economy and culture.

That's why volunteers, community leaders, parents, friends and alumni have come together to organize UC Irvine's Shaping the Future campaign. This is the largest private fundraising effort in the university's history. Over the next several years, we will raise $1 billion to address these critical issues.

Center of Excellence in Elder Abuse and Neglect at the UCI School of Medicine, Program in Geriatrics.  The Center of Excellence provides medical, forensic, and victim services to abused and neglected seniors and serves as a "living laboratory" of innovative approaches.We need your help to take on today's toughest challenges. We've learned that hard work by bright and caring people greatly benefits our community and our state. Their hard work also produces valuable new products and services that boost our economy.

This website includes many stories about the faculty and students who are making a difference, from university entrepreneurs creating new businesses to doctors saving lives with breakthrough medical discoveries.

How can you get involved in the UC Irvine campaign? You can help by giving. You can volunteer to be an advocate for the university with your friends and family. You can let us know the issues that matter to you and how UC Irvine can help.

Be part of shaping the future of the issues that matter to us all. It's what great universities do. It's what great people do.