Smart Energy

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UC Irvine believes our shared future is boundless, but the planet’s resources are not.  That is why we are leading and applying research in advanced energy technologies that will enable the world to do more with less – more clean energy, more affordable, with less impact on our environment.


 We’re pursuing “smart energy” projects that look at the entire spectrum of energy technology and the environment. Our fuel cells power buildings with almost no environmental impact. Real solutions are only found by looking at how the environment and energy are interrelated. 


Scott here to learn more about sustainable energy research at UC Irvine.Simple conservation can save more energy than many expensive technologies with less environmental impact. Some new technologies promise to forever shift how we generate and use energy. Energy and environmental solutions are local, regional and global. 


Our world-class professors and students have been tackling the challenges for years. What’s new is how we’re approaching energy and the environment through innovative, interdisciplinary research and education.


NEW - The future of planes, trains and automobiles


Our hydrogen fueling station is a cornerstone of UCI's research program...learn more>