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What is UCImpact?
UCImpact is an organization housed under the UCI Alumni Association that seeks to educate students on philanthropic initiatives at the university, facilitate and promote student giving and ensure recognition for our student philanthropists. 

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UCI students and student-led organizations already raise thousands of dollars each year. Unfortunately, most of those dollars do not support UCI programs and initiatives. UCImpact hopes to create awareness among students about the campus’ highest fundraising prioirities and encourage students to redirect their fundraising efforts.

Why should I give to UC Irvine? 
Because UC Irvine only receives a fraction of its total annual budget from state funding — currently 16% — philanthropic contributions are critical to the university’s continued success. This campus depends on private support so that it can continue to deliver the local impact, national influence and global reach UC Irvine has achieved as the region’s leading research university.

Is there a minimum amount my organization must raise to be a part of UCImpact?
No. UCImpact’s success is measured by the number of students involved, not dollars raised.

For which programs at UC Irvine can we help raise funds?
The university raises funds for numerous programs each and every day. You and your organization can participate in any number of initiatives including healthcare, environmental research and scholarship support. For information on specific campus initiatives, please contact UCImpact.